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Ceramics serves as my primary means of experimentation and expression, and my reflections originate from a fascination with the body and how its relationship with the world and others influences consciousness and the soul. Gaston Bachelard reveals to us that '[...] the true modeler feels, so to speak, the animation happening under their fingers, in the mass, a longing to be molded, an intrinsic desire to emerge in form.' I realized that shaping is an action that encompasses the entirety of the individual: hands, arms, the entire body, and the senses, with attentive eyes and focused ears, all dedicated to the clay, seeking to understand it and establish a profound dialogue. In ceramics, I genuinely connect my mind and the material, a connection I haven't found in any other medium yet. In ceramics, there is also room for chance and experimentation. However, understanding ceramics, I see that it can evoke something rustic, raw, heavy, and hard, while simultaneously being light, sublime, and refined. To me, it is crucial to grasp the timing of each action, to understand the possibilities and limitations, allowing the union of imagination and the materialization of poetics. In my working process, I employ hand buiding techniques and a pottery wheel to create sculptures. I conduct an initial firing, known as the bisque firing, and then decorate the pieces using underglazes and glazes. Finally, the pieces undergo a second firing at 1220 degrees Celsius or 2232 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure durability and the completion of the artworks.


Silvia Tagusagawa My artistic focus revolves around contemplating the body and its poetic possibilities, drawing inspiration from nature and sculptures of the human figure. Presently, I have been reflecting on the theme of Desire, particularly within the framework of Deleuze and Guattari's concepts. This exploration manifests in the sculpting of young feminine figures, expressing a yearning for vibrant living. Desire, as proposed by Deleuze and Guattari, becomes the driving force propelling the body to create, seek pleasure, joy, and love. The body, as an agent of action, takes shape under the influence of symbolic elements like plants, flowers, and leaves, metaphorically representing the pulsating potential within bodies, transforming the world. Flowers, symbolizing fleeting sensations, embody initial vibrancy and impermanence, while the aspiration persists for enduring permanence. This series is a profound and poetic expression that aims to transcend conventional boundaries, delving into the complexities and nuances of desire in continuous dialogue with art.

Silvia Tagusagawa, a Japanese-Brazilian visual artist, intricately explores the connections between the human body, its environment, and the spiritual realm. Focused on celebrating joy and pleasure, her work embodies positivity and passion. Evolving from drawing to painting and finding its true expression in ceramics, Silvia views the body as a diverse yet singular conduit connecting her with the world. Guided by Merleau-Ponty's philosophy, she transforms pain into powerful artistic expression, defying conventional constraints. Silvia Tagusagawa's academic achievements include a master's degree and a doctorate in Visual Arts from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, enriching her profound understanding of artistic concepts. Her ceramic creations transcend the physical, serving as metaphors for the body and inviting contemplation of the human experience. This commitment to a unique perspective on Art, Body, and Desire is evident in both her academic expertise and her international exhibitions, such as the IX Aveiro International Ceramics Biennial in Portugal (2009) and the 20th L'Alcora International Ceramics Competition in Spain (2010). Silvia seamlessly blends theory and practice, showcasing the depth of her interdisciplinary approach. After a deliberate hiatus to prioritize motherhood and family care, Silvia's relocation to Canada marked a new chapter in her career. She seamlessly bridged this personal commitment with academic enrichment at esteemed institutions like Sheridan College and Vancouver Island University, reigniting her artistic pursuits. Silvia's transformative journey seamlessly weaves together art, body, and desire, inviting others to become integral parts of this enriching experience.

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